Snowed In…

We had a true blizzard in Minneapolis this weekend (over 16 inches in my neighborhood).  I can’t get out the front or back door of my house and couldn’t be happier to be inside with my kitties watching old movies and knitting.

This weekend I finished Steph’s fishy mitts.  I made another parchment tag with hand-lettered washing instructions in calligraphy and I think she’ll really like them. I know she gets cold at work and these should allow her to still use the computer but with a little added warmth.


I also blocked Beth’s Battlestar Mittens and I am ecstatic with the results.  I can’t wait until she sees them!


I love the mittens but they were really labor-intensive. I estimate between 24-26 hours to complete all the knitting and weaving in. I’ve been working on writing the pattern and I think I’m finished. It’s my first time writing a pattern and it’s been interesting. It’s a different language and a different style of writing. I hope it’s going to be comprehensible. Since it’s my first real pattern and I don’t know much about intellectual property issues I’m going to make it a free one. Hopefully soon.

Today I’m working on some mittens for my grandpa that I’m making up as I go. I’ve had Harry Potter on the brain (“Isn’t seven the most powerfully magical number?”) so I’m doing my row counts and pattern repeats all in multiples of seven. They look great so far. I’m making them a little larger than normal so I can line them with microfleece.


One Response to Snowed In…

  1. Aimee says:

    Sorry to be infiltrating your comments section like a maniac, but I just read that you’re in Mpls. Husbeau and I just moved from Uptown to our new home about an hour south of the Cities, in Northfield. We love MN. The cold weather is a great incentive for knitting, too. Anyway, carry on!

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