Knitter’s Remorse

January 30, 2011

This weekend, following a lovely afternoon of Chipotle and Lifetime original movies with my friend Steph, I made my first visit to Crafty Planet to use the Christmas gift certificate she gave me. The staff were great and the store itself was wonderful. The fabric was amazingly cute and really made me wish I knew how to sew. I used my gift certificate on this:


I also made my first hat this weekend. It’s a Yarn Harlot pattern called “An Unoriginal Hat” and I made it with some Rowan Big Wool. I finished it in one sitting and it was a pretty easy pattern to follow. It’s a little big for my head so I may end up gifting it to someone else.


And, I finally finished knitting and binding off my Haruni shawl. I finished it in less than half a month and didn’t even work on it every day. The blocking process was challenging and I had to re-do it once. I love how it goes from this (pre-blocking):


To this (mid-blocking):


Once it’s dry I’ll take some better pictures. I’m moderately happy with the results and I’m pretty sure I’ll use the pattern again, next time with a more solid colored yarn.

I’m still trying to decide to what to do with the striped Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings. They are absolutley too big and I’ve pretty much (finally) come to terms with the fact that they will need to be frogged. I’ve even selected a different pattern for the yarn. I’m not quite ready to actually rip it out though. Le sigh.


New Pattern Release

January 28, 2011

It was another exciting day for BacoKnitter designs. I published a new pattern a few hours ago and have 30 downloads already!

I started a new page on here where all of my patterns (with download links) will live. Look up and see the “Patterns” link…

This Christmas I asked for a hot water bottle and upon receiving one I immediately knit up a cozy for it. I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked that didn’t have any seaming (which I kind of hate) so I designed one myself. I love how it came out. I used KnitPicks City Tweed DK (colorway = Enchanted) which is the softest yarn they make.


BacoKnitting & Re-Knitting & Re-Knitting

January 26, 2011

I have several projects in the works right now. I’m 10 rows away from finishing up the Haruni Shawl. I’m at the point where each row is taking over 30 minutes so I’ve got a little time to put in on it before it’s ready for blocking but I’m getting pretty excited.

I recently finished my first beaded knitting project. My friend Michelle did a little instruction over our lunch break and after three unsuccessful attempts at the Channel Island cast-on (also a new technique for me), I got them done. The cast-on makes an incredibly stretchy cuff that almost looks like picot – very cute.


I pre-strung 126 seed beads onto my yarn per sock and followed Michelle’s pattern. She calls them “Beaded Surprise Socks” because the beads are all in the purled part of the ribbing so they don’t show up until you pull them wide or put them on (Surprise!).


Mine didn’t show up quite as much as I had hoped since I used a variegated yarn, but I’m pretty happy with them nonetheless and I’m hooked on bead knitting now. I went out to Bobby Bead in Uptown and bought some more beads to use on future projects.

The beaded socks were my first time using Pagewood Farms sock yarn and it quickly became a new favorite of mine. It has a very tight twist that reminds me of Blue Moon Socks That Rock but it’s closer to a lace weight. It feels great on your hands while you’re using it. I went out the next week and bought another skein at StevenBe and then got this one through a Ravelry trade which I purchased with the money from my first pattern sales.


Over the weekend I knitted up a clutch (Corded) with some Noro cord that I bought on craigslist. I’m not too sure if I like it yet. It definitely has to be lined and it really could use some structure. It was a little difficult to get even tension with this “yarn” and it doesn’t feel great on your hands. I heard many people had problems with it slipping off their needles but I had no issues since I used wood circular needles and adapted the pattern for Magic Loop after I knitted the base. The pooling is kind of interesting – it’s always fun to see how your yarn goes from this:


To this:


I also started a pair of socks for my dad in KnitPicks Felici (colorway = Ecology) using the “Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings” pattern from Nancy Bush’s book, Knitting Vintage Socks. This is the second pattern I’ve used from this book and I love it so far. I’m having some trouble obtaining the correct number of stitches since the pattern calls for a Size 0 needle with fingering weight yarn and I’m using a Size 1.5 needle with sport weight yarn. It looks like I may have to cast on again but for now I’m continuing to work on it while constantly questioning whether I need to rip it out and start again.


So far 2011 has been a year of ripping out and starting over. The beaded socks took three cast-ons, the corded bag took two, and I’m almost certain these socks will be frogged and redone any day now. Le sigh… And speaking of false starts, yesterday I began work on a drop stitch scarf which took three cast-on attempts. The pattern is really easy and looks pretty cool. I’m using KnitPicks Imagination (colorway = Seven Dwarves) and it’s my first project using my beautiful new Harmony Wood Straight Needle Set.


BacoKnitter Designs – Launch

January 17, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I used to keep a Diaryland diary and then did Live Journal for awhile but haven’t really been writing for years now. So, I’m a little nervous. I’m not sure if I’m going to try to write primarily about knitting here or just generally about a variety of topics.

I had an exciting week. My friend Beth finished my banner images and logo and they couldn’t be more awesome. I keep opening my patterns and just staring at the banner and grinning. I launched my Ravelry Store this week and had over 100 downloads on my first night. I put up two free patterns and one paid pattern and have already made a few sales (and immediately spent it on yarn).

My first free pattern is for my knitted bacon. It can be made with scrap yarn (takes very little) and is incredibly easy. The ripples are done simply by changing your tension when binding off.

Free Download | Ravelry


I also published my pattern for the basket weave mittens I made for my sister’s boyfriend this Christmas. I had a difficult time writing this pattern – we’ll see if other people can follow my instructions…

Free Download | Ravelry


My first paid pattern was for the Cylon Centurion mittens I designed. Beth picked them up yesterday and is hopefully happy with our time trade.

Buy (Ravelry)


I’m currently working on a pair of beaded socks (my first time knitting with beads) and the Haruni shawl. I’m using Blue Moon yarn (my favorite) in “Waterlilies” and I’m really loving it. It may be a bit too variegated to see the pattern but I don’t really care. I keep thinking of Cher Horowitz (“She’s a full-on monet.”) while I’m working on it. Maybe I’ll watch Clueless while I knit.


I met a woman from craigslist at Calhoun Square yesterday to buy some yarn. I got some really beautiful stuff for a really good price and I’ve been surfing around Ravelry all morning looking up possible projects to use with my new yarn.

I’m working on writing patterns for my hot water bottle cozy, a fantastic pair of felted slippers that are knit in one piece with a chart (almost no seaming!), and another simple mitten pattern (all will be free).

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