Knitter’s Remorse

This weekend, following a lovely afternoon of Chipotle and Lifetime original movies with my friend Steph, I made my first visit to Crafty Planet to use the Christmas gift certificate she gave me. The staff were great and the store itself was wonderful. The fabric was amazingly cute and really made me wish I knew how to sew. I used my gift certificate on this:


I also made my first hat this weekend. It’s a Yarn Harlot pattern called “An Unoriginal Hat” and I made it with some Rowan Big Wool. I finished it in one sitting and it was a pretty easy pattern to follow. It’s a little big for my head so I may end up gifting it to someone else.


And, I finally finished knitting and binding off my Haruni shawl. I finished it in less than half a month and didn’t even work on it every day. The blocking process was challenging and I had to re-do it once. I love how it goes from this (pre-blocking):


To this (mid-blocking):


Once it’s dry I’ll take some better pictures. I’m moderately happy with the results and I’m pretty sure I’ll use the pattern again, next time with a more solid colored yarn.

I’m still trying to decide to what to do with the striped Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings. They are absolutley too big and I’ve pretty much (finally) come to terms with the fact that they will need to be frogged. I’ve even selected a different pattern for the yarn. I’m not quite ready to actually rip it out though. Le sigh.


3 Responses to Knitter’s Remorse

  1. KnitterInPink says:

    LOVE that hat!!!! The shawl is awesome too. I need to get brave and try lace. Blocking it on those foam mat things is a great idea!!!

  2. KnitterInPink says:

    *stare* Ok maybe.

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