“I’ll soot you with my two pipe sotgun”

My sister’s birthday is this week and yesterday we celebrated with the family. I had a delicious bacon, egg, and cheeseburger (a fried egg on a burger = magic) and then felt like an overstuffed sausage ready to burst from its casing for the rest of the day. I made her a pair of beaded birthday socks that, amazingly, were finished in only six days.


I loved this pattern and will definitely be making it again. They are the “Kaiso” socks from Knitted Socks East and West. It was difficult to get a picture that actually showed the beads but they show up pretty well when worn. I used 60 silver-lined crystal beads per sock.


I re-started the Gentleman’s Shooting Stockings this weekend – I must conquer the pattern! I’m using Crystal Palace Mini Mochi for the first time (colorway = 105 Tapesty Rainbow). It’s really “splitty” – almost like roving – and I feel like there are a lot of thicker and thinner segments in the yarn, which I’m less than thrilled with. I also found a pretty bad knot in one of the skeins when I wound it into a ball. I really love how the colors gradually transition but I’m not yet really loving the giant orange section. The second sock is definitely not going to match up but I’m okay with it. This will be my first pair of knee socks.


I’m working on finishing up the Noro “Corded” clutch this weekend. With the help of my friend Oona, I was able to sew a lining and she found an amazing button which is going to be the perfect finishing touch. I’m currently waiting for some glue to dry for the bottom piece and then I can sew it all together…


One Response to “I’ll soot you with my two pipe sotgun”

  1. soupy says:

    i am beyond in love with the gentleman’s shooting stockings!

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