I finished the first of my Slytherin socks this weekend and began work on the second one. I’ve been enjoying this project so much. I absolutely love this yarn and it just may be my favorite colorway I’ve used to date. I’m doing Cookie A.’s Monkey pattern and it’s such a great pattern to knit. I love the way it looks and it’s so easy to memorize. I really like not having to have my pattern with me to work on these. I’ve been taking my time (relatively, I started them last Sunday night and I’ve over 55% done) because I’m enjoying the process so much. It’s been so nice to use my favorite needles (ChiaGoo RED) with my favorite yarn (Blue Moon STR – colorway is Mr. Green Jeans).

Monkey Socks

I got a much larger tax refund than I expected this year. I was able to pay off a substantial portion of my debt (just the mortgage and one student loan remain!) and had money leftover to put away for landscaping this spring, a snowblower (it’s snowing right now – again – ugh), and a bit of a yarn shopping spree. I bought some more stripey yarn from KnitPicks, some more Blue Moon STR, and the yarn I intend to use to make a special shawl for my grandma’s 90th birthday.

All the new yarn I’ve gotten, and the knowledge that more is on the way, has motivated me to get some things done. I put in some time on the drop stitch scarf, which has been sitting untouched for weeks. I worked on some colorwork mittens, and made some good progress on the knee socks. I’d really like to wrap up a few projects and start something new!


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