Worst Week Ever

I had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Some of the least awful things that happened were getting shorted $40 at the ATM and being verbally assaulted in an elevator by a crazy man twice my size. The rest I can’t even revisit without getting angry or crying.

So, I really wanted to make something this weekend that I could finish (because who doesn’t love completing things – so satisfying) and that was nerdy and fun. I improvised my own design for the handwarmer part. They only took 1 skein of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes (only $1.99/pair) and are sized to fit an average person’s hand (meaning they’re too large for me). I knit the handwarmers first and then used these charts to add the Star Wars images in duplicate stitch. I’ll release the handwarmer pattern as a free download once I get enough time to write it up.

Star Wars Fingerless Gloves

I think the storm trooper looks a little funny but I’m really happy with R2.

R2D2 Fingerless Glove

On Friday night I finally blocked my drop stitch scarf. This is such a simple thing to knit but I could not force myself to work on it. I really love how it looks but I found the process kind of agonizing. I used KnitPicks Imagination Hand Painted yarn (colorway = Seven Dwarves).

Drop Stitch Scarf

My weekend was pretty good as a whole. I bought a snowblower on Friday night and it made me feel like a real grown up. If we actually get the forecasted foot of snow this Tuesday it will really be nice to have. I indulged in some Thai food and shopping with my friend Julie on Saturday. I didn’t really need anything but couldn’t resist the cute shoes at Nordstrom Rack (Calvin Klein ballet flats).

New Shoes


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