Second Mitten Syndrome

I’ve almost completed the first of an awesome pair of colorwork mittens. They’re going to be a gift so I can’t reveal them fully until they’re done but here’s a preview of the palm side. I doubt I’ll finish these in time for my intended recipient to wear them this winter but perhaps I’ll get a burst of mitten motivation and churn the second one out.

Colorwork Mittens

Over the last year I’ve been building up my collection of knitting needles. Most of them are from KnitPicks and the majority of them are the Harmony Wood style. They’re really pretty, have nice sharp tips, and the double pointed sets have six needles per size which is lovely if you happen to break or lose one (or two) of them. Earlier this fall I finally bought a set of the 4″ small sized dpns (pictured above) which are fantastic for doing the thumbs on mittens and fingerless gloves. It’s always so awkward to use full sized needles to do a tiny little section and these needles make it so much easier to maneuver. It feels a bit like working with toothpicks – really pretty multicolored toothpicks – but it really is much easier with the smaller size. I’m off to finish up that thumb now…


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