A heap of finished objects

I’ve resolved to start writing here more/again. No, really…

Since I last updated, I’ve finished a number of projects. I made some Carolina socks for my mom for Mother’s Day in Felici Sport (colorway = Too Cool). They were a quick knit and my mom seemed pretty happy with them.

Too Cool Socks

They were a fun pattern but the zig zags kind of disappear when you put them on.

Too Cool Socks

I also completed two Baby Surprise Jackets and really fell in love with this ingenious pattern. I love how the Felici Sport looks and I had a little too much fun buying tons of cute baby buttons for future projects.

I thought it was a little magical how you go from this:

Baby Surprise Jacket

To this:

Baby Surprise Jacket

To this:

Baby Surprise Jacket

I made two of these back to back – I couldn’t resist starting the second one right after the first was done. I’ve been trying to resist making another one until I know what the sexes of my cousins’ and friends’ babies will be.

Baby Surprise Jacket

For my friend David’s 30th birthday I made him a pair of Katamari Prince earmuffs. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and had a lot of fun making them. There is even a secret compartment inside.

Katamari Prince Earmuffs

He seemed to like them and his sister enjoyed trying them on as well.

Katamari Earmuffs

I finally overcame my boredom with knitting the body of the Ulmus shawl and I LOVE the finished project. It’s nice and big and I couldn’t love the color combo more.

Ulmus Shawl

I bought a dress form last month and I’ve been having fun putting my shawls on it and getting freaked out in the middle of the night when I wake up and see a vaguely human form in my bedroom.

Ulmus Shawl

When I’m hanging out at home, I usually wear super comfy cotton dresses. Unfortunately, my legs get cold in these and so I whipped up a pair of legwarmers in Felici (colorway = Afternoon) for myself. The yarn is so so soft and I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit.


I think legwarmers have been on my mind due to a ballet movie marathon last month as well. I watched Black Swan, Center Stage, and The Red Shoes. The pattern is Cables de Faux and was nice and easy.


My biggest knitting accomplishment as of late was the beaded Haruni for my grandmother’s birthday, but it deserves its own post. More later…


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  1. soupy says:

    i want a baby sweater!!!!!

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