Color Block Blanket Madness

August 10, 2011

Over a year and a half ago I started designing a blanket. I had never knit a blanket before and since I’m a little intimdated by large projects, I thought knitting a bunch of small squares would make it easier on me. And then I remembered that I hate sewing and weaving in ends. So, this sat untouched on a shelf for over a year. A few weekends back I finally got so sick of looking over and seeing them sitting on the shelf that I pulled them out and started sewing them together.

Color Block Blanket

And then I put the pattern on Ravelry and it exploded! I had over 250 downloads on the first day alone and have gotten some pretty fantastic feedback from people saying how much they love it. The pattern has been up for a little over 2 full days now and I’ve reached over 335 favorites and 411 downloads!

I’m a little mystified because I built up so much angst about this project that I grew to kind of hate it. It’s made with Wool of the Andes Bulky from KnitPicks. I started this back when I was still knitting at a VERY tight guage so if you decide to give it a try, you might want to go down at least one needle size. The nice thing about this pattern is the versatility. You can make as many (or as few) squares as you want in order to make a whole range of sizes and you can substitute pretty much any color or yarn. If I were to make this again (which I doubt I ever will), I would use a machine-washable yarn.

This is mainly what I’ve been up to this summer:

Phase 5

It’s been a huge learning experience. Mainly I’ve learned that landscaping is really hard work and that I wouldn’t have a clue what to do or how to do it without the much appreciated help of my mom and dad. There is still so much to do, but I feel like I’m finally able to see where it’s going and what it’s going to look like.

Since my last post, I finished several knitted projects as well.

I completed two pair of felted slippers (knit long ago and finally felted this summer). The first are French Press Felted Slippers done Maryjane style in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (colorway = Winter’s Night).

Felted Mary Janes

The second are Felted Loafer Slippers in Wool of the Andes Bulky (colorways = Blackberry & Scuba).

Felted Loafers

Then I made some Skew Socks in Knit Picks Felici (colorway = Rainbow).

Rainbow Skew Socks

These were super fun to make and accomplished my knitting goal by being my first pair of toe-up constructed socks. The heels are so cool!

Rainbow Skew Socks

I made another Baby Surprise Jacket in Knit Picks Merino Style (colorways = Vanilla & Petite Four). After 2 unsuccessful attempts, I managed to improvise a hood, which I think turned out very well. It went to my friend’s Joe and Ashley who are expecting this fall.

BSJ Hoodie

With the leftover yarn from the hoodie, I made some Baby Booties for my cousin Heidi who just had a little girl at the end of last month.

Baby Booties

My favorite project was my Stripe Study shawl in Knit Picks Palette (colorways = Black & Marble Heather). It took me forever because I kept getting bored with the miles and miles of garter stitch, but it was totally worth it.

Stripe Study Shawl

It’s nice and warm but really lightweight. I’ve been wearing it almost every day at work because my company overdoes the A/C to an extreme.

Stripe Study Shawl

And finally, I used my Blue Moon Silkie Socks that Rock (my first time with this yarn and it was wonderful) for a Helix Scarf. The color is “Titania” and it’s so pretty!

Helix Scarf

I feel like I didn’t get a good picture that really shows how beautiful the yarn is. The ruffle is kind of fun and it looks neat all rolled up too.

Helix Scarf

Hopefully I’ll get a little better at updating regularly once the landscaping project is done!


Katamari Damacy Prince Chart

March 13, 2011

I couldn’t resist starting my Katamari Damacy Prince of All Cosmos mitts yesterday. I charted the prince almost a year ago and then kind of forgot about it.

Katamari Prince Mitts

I’m not sure it works well size-wise, but it’s cute nonetheless. I may make some modifications to the chart and will consider using this on a different backdrop that fits a little better.

Katamari Prince Mitts

I added this chart to my Blank Canvas Handwarmer pattern. All yarns are Wool of the Andes. And here’s the chart in its current form…

Katamari Chart

Blank Canvas Handwarmers

March 11, 2011

I released another free knitting pattern today. Check out the Pattern page for the download link. These can easily be knitted in one day and only take one skein of yarn. If you use Wool of the Andes, the project cost is a mere $1.99-$2.19!


I made these up to use as a blank canvas for duplicate stitched designs. I added Star Wars characters to this pair and intend to make more of these with other images. These would work great with the stigmitten chart.


I’ve also charted the Katamari prince and intend to make another pair with that chart in the near future.


New Pattern Release

January 28, 2011

It was another exciting day for BacoKnitter designs. I published a new pattern a few hours ago and have 30 downloads already!

I started a new page on here where all of my patterns (with download links) will live. Look up and see the “Patterns” link…

This Christmas I asked for a hot water bottle and upon receiving one I immediately knit up a cozy for it. I couldn’t find a pattern that I liked that didn’t have any seaming (which I kind of hate) so I designed one myself. I love how it came out. I used KnitPicks City Tweed DK (colorway = Enchanted) which is the softest yarn they make.


BacoKnitter Designs – Launch

January 17, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I used to keep a Diaryland diary and then did Live Journal for awhile but haven’t really been writing for years now. So, I’m a little nervous. I’m not sure if I’m going to try to write primarily about knitting here or just generally about a variety of topics.

I had an exciting week. My friend Beth finished my banner images and logo and they couldn’t be more awesome. I keep opening my patterns and just staring at the banner and grinning. I launched my Ravelry Store this week and had over 100 downloads on my first night. I put up two free patterns and one paid pattern and have already made a few sales (and immediately spent it on yarn).

My first free pattern is for my knitted bacon. It can be made with scrap yarn (takes very little) and is incredibly easy. The ripples are done simply by changing your tension when binding off.

Free Download | Ravelry


I also published my pattern for the basket weave mittens I made for my sister’s boyfriend this Christmas. I had a difficult time writing this pattern – we’ll see if other people can follow my instructions…

Free Download | Ravelry


My first paid pattern was for the Cylon Centurion mittens I designed. Beth picked them up yesterday and is hopefully happy with our time trade.

Buy (Ravelry)


I’m currently working on a pair of beaded socks (my first time knitting with beads) and the Haruni shawl. I’m using Blue Moon yarn (my favorite) in “Waterlilies” and I’m really loving it. It may be a bit too variegated to see the pattern but I don’t really care. I keep thinking of Cher Horowitz (“She’s a full-on monet.”) while I’m working on it. Maybe I’ll watch Clueless while I knit.


I met a woman from craigslist at Calhoun Square yesterday to buy some yarn. I got some really beautiful stuff for a really good price and I’ve been surfing around Ravelry all morning looking up possible projects to use with my new yarn.

I’m working on writing patterns for my hot water bottle cozy, a fantastic pair of felted slippers that are knit in one piece with a chart (almost no seaming!), and another simple mitten pattern (all will be free).

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